Der Neusitzer Weg

DER NEUSITZER WEG Minimise to the MAXIMUM THE REFORMATION OF SITTING #TheNeusitzer-Way is the development of dynamic seating furniture according to the principle „Less is More“ Many people say that „sailing is not an exercise sport“. But what happens when you sit in the boat? You equalise...
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twister – reusable package – shrinkable garbage

sustainable package made by tetrapak for instance ..
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the new food-lab creates new recipes – innovating and introducing a new meal is one of our latest inventions

10 Fragen ans das Food-Lab  …  Wie nennt Ihr Eure Creationen?  Warum vegane Salsa ?     Die  Fleisch- und fischlastige Ernährungsform führt nicht nur zu gesundheitlichen Problemen beim Menschen sondern ist auch in der Produktion dieser Nahrungsmittel – der Massentierhaltung der eigentliche Frevel der...
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windenergie light

Why couldn´t we construct rotor blades like insects wings?
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wing of change

The production of rotor blades is more or less an analogy to all the shipyards productions of yachting hulls. As it is fixed to its production space we have the complexity of transportation and cases of logistics to set these blades to its final destination - Our new project deals with 3D-printed structures and...
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comfort is the truth

Next Chair by Infiniti Design.
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