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I visited Rossetto in Padua.They showed me a new foam 

a hard-foam with a B1 certification-It is flexible and could be produced in every colour !

POLSTRONG Density 600 kg/m3

It is a rigid structural polyurethane. It has brought a big innovation, going beyond the thickness limits imposed by a traditional metallic structure.

It is therefore possible to make structures (inserts) with thin thicknesses, but very resistant at the same time. These can be then covered with fabric or moulded over with Polflex or Freeform  

They ask me for a design for this new material- But they are first of all a supplier and not a distributor or a brand. I supposed to realise a  cantilever chait with only one column.

I call it the „callita chair“ because of the  smooth lines … 

it is stackable the proposal has different types as a upholstered version too with a textile membran always with this comfortabel  0,5 armrest.I think You could define it as a cantilever chair  – but a new kind of –

At Rossetto they build up a one to one prototype now. So we could take seat in about  three weeks, if You like. Would You try it ?






























Callita Chair es el nombre del asiento diseñado por el diseñador alemán Andreas Ostwald para Infiniti, una marca joven y 100% made in Italy que ofrece accesorios de decoración, sillas, taburetes, mesas diseñadas para trabajar, compartir, relajarse y dar la bienvenida.

Las formas sinuosas y envolventes del asiento de Callita sugieren un confort de asiento particular y una ligereza particular, como si por un instante flotara en el espacio convirtiéndose en una parte esencial de él



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